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BioPRYN Cow Pregnancy Test
BioPRYN is a blood pregnancy test for ruminants, and has specific appeal for the commercial US dairy and beef industries because it delivers fast, accurate, safe and economical pregnancy diagnostic results. The technology works extremely well (99% accurate) on beef and dairy cattle. A specific test, which utilizes enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology, has been developed for use exclusively in cattle.  

BioPRYN detects a protein called Pregnancy Specific Protein B (PSPB) in the blood (more specifically, the serum or plasma) of ruminants. PSPB is produced by the placenta, and therefore pregnant animals will have the protein in their blood.  Click  here for instructions on collecting blood.  Presence of PSPB makes the test more accurate than earlier attempts at pregnancy diagnosis that evaluated blood or milk for progesterone or other hormones that can occur in normally cycling animals.

Heifers and cows can be tested at 28 days or later, after breeding. Lactating cows must be tested 90 days after calving because lactating cows have residual PSPB from the previous pregnancy until 90 days after calving.

To eliminate the risk of a false-positive result, breeders are cautioned to take the sample at 28 days or more after breeding, and 90 days or more after calving. So, if a cow is bred at 62 days after calving, it is appropriate to take the 28-day post-breeding sample, which is 90 days after calving. If the cow is bred at 55 days after calving, then the post-breeding sample should be taken at 35 days so that the cow is 90 days post-calving.

Animals that are detected open can then be immediately returned to aggressive breeding programs using other reproductive technologies.